Is this guy insane or are values going UP?

David Ullrich david.ullrich at
Tue Oct 10 14:14:21 EDT 2006

Ha! Basically that old 3spd slushie had a bad internal design causes the
seal between the differential section and the automatic section to overheat,
bake hard and then leak. The trans then begins to swap fluids in one
direction or the other....90w gear oil gets into the automatic, or ATF gets
into the diff. There was no real cure until the 1993 VW's came out with the
redesigned trans. There was/is an upgraded high temp silicone seal available
for use in salvaging them. If the ATF looks golden, and/or smells like gear
oil, you know what's going on. If you pull the diff side fill plug and 2
quarts of ATF run out...well, you get the picture.

1987 CGT 2.3

On 10/10/06, cobram at <cobram at> wrote:
>  .  I've seen a few automatic FWD 5K's in that kind of shape at the local
> charity auto sales place, they were usually asking around $300, transmission
> was fried or on it's way out on every one of them.
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