how wide are Audi Fuchs alloys? and what is Porsche bolt pattern?

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The owner towed that UrQ with a brand new A6 too.  Check out:

The tires were those nasty, hard, pitiful handling TRX's.  I seem to recall
the wheels came from an A2 rally car.  When you compare them to the 15"
wheels of the trailer it makes sense that they were the larger 415mm
diameter like the OE wheels of a BMW M6.


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Mark, this is very interesting... a metric Fuchs... Tire is clearly a
Michelin, it is written on the rearmost sidewall of the front wheel. And
the thread is really a TRX, not a XGT V4 as I thought first.

We learn something new everyday !


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> Audi also had a Fuchs wheel in metric diameters.  See this picture as
> proof. (Notice the much deeper offset too)
> Go to:
> I can't recall if they're 365mm or 390mm in diameter, but I believe
> they're 8" in width.  Someone with the Euro FA will have to verify
> ~Mark
> There was also a Sport Quattro Fuchs 15x7 "winter wheel" that was ET20
> instead of the usual ET45. This wheel replaced the 15x9 ET12 Ronal
> are stock SQ wheels.
> This is completely futile info because these wheels are made of
> unobtainium, a very rare metal found only in our dreams...
> Louis-Alain

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