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If you sent the seller money through the postal system, and they failed to
ship your parts to you, you should be able to get them to investigate and
file charges against the seller. I know quite a few people that have had
success using filing complaints with the postmaster general.. They will
investigate all possible mail fraud cases and will often help resolve issues
by sending threatening letters to the person committing the fraud. Sometimes
just a nice legal letter stating that they are being investigated for mail
fraud (federal offense) is enough to get the person to reimburse your losses
or send the items they were supposed to send to begin with.

I would contact your local police department and file a complaint, or ask
where you should file, and I would contact the police department in the
sellers city and make a complaint with them, and also contact the postmaster
general/postal inspector. Those should be a good starting point anyway.

Do you have emails from this person where he is saying "too bad" and
implying that he is not going to send your parts? Or has all your contact
been by phone or regular mail? No matter what the contact method, you should
be keeping detailed records, and saving (printing hardcopies) everything to
help prove your case.

Good Luck! Keep us posted.

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Has anyone here successfully gotten a criminal action filed against someone
who is
committing wire fraud via ads on internet forums?

I recently paid for some shocks that have not been sent for two weeks and
now the seller
is basically saying "You're screwed, too bad."

I'm wondering if the claims via the US Postal Inspector's office, the FBI or
anywhere else actually
get anywhere.

I will be contacting the local district attorney about this as well.

Any action against Robert Hack or Motodyne or whatever else his a/k/a might


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