Goodbye for a while

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Mon Oct 16 16:31:11 EDT 2006


Check on Craigslist and Boston Works; I've actually seen linux kernel  
and/or driver stuff on a fairly regular basis, if you have any  
experience there.  RedHat is now in the area, among other companies.   
If you see anyone looking for a linux/unix/MacOS X sysadmin/ 
consultant, let me know :-)

   Also, ITA Software (in Cambridge) is a flight reservation company  
that was hiring a bunch of people a few months ago and still might be  
looking for talented unix programmers.

PS: Commiserate with us up at Red Hook tomorrow?  http://

Last time was one of our largest meet-ups with a lot of old (and  
friendly :-) faces...great fun.  Food was pretty damn good, too.

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