Ye Olde Parts (was door handle linkage)

David Kase davekase at
Wed Oct 18 08:33:30 EDT 2006

Could you be more specific?

There are some parts that GM has sold the rights to so that other 
companies can produce them.  This is mostly for the muscle car stuff of 
the 70's.

There are some Chevies that are so popular even at 20 years old that 
most every part is made aftermarket.  You could likely build a 1985 
Chevy pickup from scratch with a catalog and a credit card.

Then there is some stuff that GM or anyone else will never make again.  
That's what eBay is for...

Dave Kase
1970 Monte Carlo SS454 - bought new wheel well moldings for it from the 
dealer 10 years ago...

William Magliocco wrote:

>Is Generous Motors keeping good supplies of itty bitty
>thingies for 20+ year old Chebbies and Olde-smo-biles?
>Just wondering...
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