Ye Olde Parts (was door handle linkage)

Bob D bob at
Wed Oct 18 09:00:17 EDT 2006

unfortunately neither. I got my hands on a 68 RS/SS originally a 396 but 
without the motor. Which is fine since Im not a fan of that motor 
anyway. Since its already non numbers matching and setup for a big block 
I decided on a 427 tall deck and made it 'square'.

MAC: As noted, even when I provide a VIN for my car at the audi dealer 
its a gamble on if it will fit. Generally I have to provide the part 
number of the piece I need to replace, especially for the UrQ

Taka Mizutani wrote:
> Heck, the nice thing about those '60s musclecars is that you can get 
> anything for them.
> I saw where Year One built a whole car from their own parts catalog.
> '68 with a 427? What is that, a COPO or a Yenko?
> Taka
> On 10/18/06, *Bob D* <bob at 
> <mailto:bob at>> wrote:
>     I was going to say exactly this. I can get anything for my 68
>     Camaro. I
>     just got a set of 8 performance pistons for $400, where it cost me a
>     grand for 5 audi ones. I just rebuilt the whole 427 for about
>     $1000. The
>     other thing is, I can go to the dealer and get a starter solenoid.
>     They
>     dont ask what year or model, apparently they are all the same from '32
>     -'06 (being slightly sarcastic here but you know what Im getting
>     at)....
>     Bob

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