A6's MMI dead

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Oct 18 12:37:26 EDT 2006

On Oct 18, 2006, at 8:12 AM, Taka Mizutani wrote:

> Do you know how illogical it sounds that you insist on attempting
> the fix the issue without having any training on diagnostics and  
> service
> on this extremely complicated car? Especially considering that the car
> is brand-new and under warranty?

An acquaintance who is an Audi brand specialist encouraged me to try  
rebooting the MMI unit before bothering to take it in for service,  
because they are somewhat flaky software-wise.  He couldn't remember  
the combo, and given the car wasn't bought from him, I didn't ask him  
to spend the time looking it up.  His direct words later that  
evening: "It's just like control-alt-delete.  Won't hurt anything to  
try it."

> I don't see why anyone would attempt a fix when Audi's service  
> department should fix  the issue.

I didn't ask you to "see" anything.  I asked how to soft-reset the  
MMI unit.

> If the car is truly a lemon, you want to maximize the number of
> days that the car is out of service so you can make a lemon law claim.

Lemon law issues don't apply.  The car won't be traded because it's a  
lemon; it's not.  The car would be traded because of engine noise,  
ride quality, and user interface issues.

> especially when you ban people from the list unilaterally whenever  
> it pleases you

I'm not going to be baited by libel into an argument over list  
discipline which is both extremely rare and justified by published  
rules that were broken repeatedly or immediately upon subscription.   
You are not a party to the decision-making process and I will not  
discuss the issue further.


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