driver's door will not open (unlocked)

David Kase davekase at
Wed Oct 18 13:55:50 EDT 2006

I did try unlocking it and locking it with the key but not all combo's 
you listed.  I will also try the button thing although there is no way 
to pull that puppy up.

I will have to compare the door handle play/travel as well. 

Of course I just let my AAA run out as I had it with their hour long 
transaction to buy/sell a car.  I get it done at the notary in 5 minutes 

I do know a locksmith that might be able to get it open for me.  I am 
just afraid of bitching up the rubber or paint.

Stay tuned at 4:30 EST when I get home from work to start round three in 
this great challenge.

Dave Kase
praying the guy in the Neon does not see me crawling over from the 
passenger side to start/drive my car...

Geraint Lloyd wrote:

>I'm sure that you are way way past this point, but
>here we go......
>Have you tried locking it and then unlocking it with
>the divers side
>inside button, then using the inside door handle?
>sometimes the VAG locks get confused if you pull on
>the handle before
>the mechanism is completely unlocked.
>locking and unlocking may reset the lock.
>you might also try ->pull the door handle->lock the
>door->release the
>door handle->unlock the door->try and open it
>In the same vein, if there is tension on the release
>rods / cables that
>open the lock (not the locking rods) then that can
>also confuse the lock
>is there any play on the inside door handle? i.e. does
>the inside
>drivers door handle have a different 'bite point' to
>the (functioning)
>passenger side?
>If you are with the AAA/CAA/RAC, then Huw's suggestion
>may be the best way.
>pity it's a coupé otherwise you might have been able
>to open the back
>doors and provide some encouragement in the door jam
>apologies if preaching to the converted. I don't want
>to get into any
>'handbags at fifty paces' kind of discussions that
>seem all the rage at
>the moment. ;-)
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