[V8] Clutch disc confusion

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Wed Oct 18 18:17:06 EDT 2006

It's a 200 avant I picked up needing a throwout bearing and I'm doing a
complete clutch job.  Nobody on the 200 list responded (too many arguments
with Brett, probably), so I copied the query to the V8 list.

At 01:43 PM 10/18/2006 -0400, i.rautenberg at waratap.com wrote:
>Are you changing to manual from auto or did you recently pick up a  
>5-speed? Or is this for the 200 and not the V8?
>Quoting Kneale Brownson <kneale at coslink.net>:
>> Thanks to Jim's "test" (holding the clutch disc up to the flywheel), I
>> determined that the side with the little yellow springs  had to go into the
>> space in the pressure plate.
>> Thanks, all, for the guidance.

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