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Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Thu Oct 19 18:40:54 EDT 2006

family album lists the flywheel as 034 105 270S and doesn't say it's either MC or 3B specific
listing 2 types of dowel pin 
and 1 type of expanding pin for clutch alignment

N 904 530 01 two of, Expansion Pin
N 902 318 01 Dowel, 4H8x20, one of
N 013 310 01 Dowel 6M6x16, three of

FA also says clutch is the same

Brett Dikeman <quattro at> wrote: 
On Oct 19, 2006, at 3:51 PM, Tom Donohue wrote:

> Found one "MC2/3B flywheel" on the
> marketplace and am awaiting an answer from the seller whether it is  
> still
> available (and whether this is the correct item for 3B motor)

I -think- so, but I'm not positive; I don't recall if the MC2 and 3B  
clutches are the same diameter, for example.  Also:

I believe the common solution is to weld the pin(s) back on, rather  
than source an entirely new flywheel.  Any reasons not to go that route?

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