Parts needed fast

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Oct 20 13:26:25 EDT 2006

> I had this same thing happen to my WX 10V URQ several years ago.
> I was able to fix it through the starter hole. I drilled it out and  replaced 
> it with an appropriate sized number drill, which I ground to length  with a 
> die grinder.

I just wanted to chime in that as far as I recall, if one removes the 
"engine-transmission damper" bracket thing (4 bolts), you can see a big 
chunk of the front of the flywheel to work on it.  Not sure if that 
applies to all 5-pot setups, or if it allows replacing these pins 
easily, but it sure would be easier than removing the transmission.

You have to remove this bracket thing to take the trans. off anyway, so 
nothing to lose by trying...

Huw Powell

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