More evidence (was Taurus a C3/type 44 clone)

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Fri Oct 20 14:32:41 EDT 2006

I believe that today's apparent copycat designs can not only stem from 
headhunted designers and the like, but from group research projects.  A few 
years back I remember watching a presentation on ULSAB (ultralight steel 
auto body) which was done in partnership between the steel manufacturers and 
a number of auto manufacturers, including Mercedes, GM, Porsche, etc.  They 
produced a body which included hydroformed channels along the roof line.  I 
remember saying to the guy next to me that it was nice that Mercedes got to 
supply the taillights (one of the few distinguishable features of the steel 
Design rip-off is not a new thing, either.  In the 50's auto manufacturers 
used to steal each others designs and thus the new model year cars were 
shipped to the dealership wrapped, and the dealerships used to cover their 
windows with paper to hide the cars until their official unveiling.  Look at 
Bricklin - investors were coming to look at the clay prototype, which was 
without taillights.  The designer went out to his car (a De Tomaso Pantera) 
and removed the taillights and stuck them on the clay model just before the 
Thanks to 60 Minutes, I doubt that you'd ever hear a Ford salesman or 
Taurus/Sable owner make the Type 44 comparison in, say, 1989 or so when Audi 
almost pulled up stakes here.
Steve Sears
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1980 Audi 5k
1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes
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> For a more stark resemblance, check out the rear end
> of the 2006.5 Kia Optima vs. VW Phaeton:
> --- Dan DiBiase <d_dibiase at> wrote:
>> I guess this just proves that Ford has good taste!
>> Although it is also somewhat depressing to think
>> that one of the 2 'independent' American auto
>> manufacturers can only look to it's own past
>> (Mustang, GT) and other companies' designs for
>> inspiration. Although I am not sure what the Fusion
>> looks like, except maybe a moon vehicle or
>> something.
>> BTW, anyone else think that the Hyundai Sonata is B6
>> A4-inspired??
>> Dan D
>> '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
>> Central NJ USA
>> David Kavanagh <audiguy at> wrote: Look at
>> the new Ford 500. Looks like my 2000 A6 (in a lot of
>> ways).
>> I swear that I always can spot rip-offs of some audi
>> design in other cars!!
>> On 10/19/06, William Magliocco  wrote:
>> >
>> > Our friend in Germany seems to have a clue:
>> >
>> >
>> > 

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