was F500, now: Audi dealers

Tihol Tiholov t.tiholov at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 14:59:36 EDT 2006

>you forgot the biggest feature of the 500... you dont have to go to an audi
dealer to get anything!

I've mostly avoided dealers for many years with a '88 Typ 89 and 2 new
beetles.  The nearest dealer here (Interior BC) is 240 km away and he's dead
to me after giving me a wrong MAF  (tripping the MIL) and then adding verbal
BS to it.  Did give me back my money, though.  Long live VM Autohaus in
Burnaby (no shares owned, just happy customer).
Oh, and I do have a '90 Ford E150, but what I needed from the dealer was
NLA.  Pondering a Eurovan replacement now.

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