extreme lean condition at high boost.

Joel Skousen joel at skousen.org
Mon Oct 23 20:35:19 EDT 2006

My 88 5KTQW has a problem of extreme lean burn during heavy acceleration and high boost.  It will get so lean as to cut out and lose power going up a steep hill.  I know it's an excess lean condition because I've got one of Oran's cool LED indicators that tells me whether the car is rich or lean at any given time.  During idle, and normal cruise, everything is right in the mid-range.  As soon as I put on the accelerator hard, it goes off the scale to the lean side--which is dangerous to the engine at boost.   

I've got all new injectors on the car, good fuel pressures, good ISV and known good warm up regulartor.  Someone a while back had a similar problem and I seem to remember he put in a new/used fuel distributor and fixed it.   Any ideas? 

3-Audis, all 5KTQs

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