Why the *explative* (5ktq electrical)

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The connector may be a previous owner's attempt to retrofit a pump from a 
Type 43, or even a Mercedes (or other car with Vac locks) - they may have 
scavenged the connector with the pump, and re-pinned the plastic end. 
Failing that and the car has a "transitional harness" (= early model year 
car using up factory stock of older harnesses and pumps), you could transfer 
the connectors into a 7-socket plug quite easily.
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>>> Oh, and do you have pictures, or a good description, of the different
>>> connectors?
>> IIRC in the car in question the plug is
>> 5 pins (all used)
> That is interesting, because on the "typical" 7 pin connector I have
> documented for the power lock pump, only five are used.
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