Diff lock mods?

Bob D bob at maxboostracing.com
Wed Oct 25 11:25:06 EDT 2006

thanks :)

Now I remember, yes, I used the motor solenoids from a GM door lock, 
they are strong and weatherproof. The buttons were on a carbon fiber box 
mounted on the steering wheel so the buttons were always within thumbs 
We should have salvaged those parts off the car....

Mark J. Besso wrote:
> I'll second that since it was my 4KQ that Bob designed/built them for.  They
> utilized the door lock solenoids from a GMC Jimmy (gasp!) and they never
> failed to engage/disengage immediately; regardless of weather.
> Thanks again, Bob.... I sure miss that car!
> ~MB
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> From: Bob D
> Subject: Re: Diff lock mods?
> I made this mod to a 4000q some time ago, using electronic motor
> solenoids. I then had 2 buttons on the steering wheel that engaged or
> disengaged each one. They could be done independantly at that point. It
> worked great!
> bob
> Tony Hoffman wrote:
>> Dennis,
>> I have thought of doing this in the past with electronic solonoids. Not
> sure
>> if it has been done, though. Having dealt with enough cables (hood
> release,
>> choke, bicycles, e-brake) I'd shy away from this due to dirt and rust.
>> However, I can't see why it couldn't be done. Probably want to use hood
>> release or ebrake, as these should be long enough to work.
>> Tony Hoffman
>> On 10/24/06, DGraber460 at aol.com <DGraber460 at aol.com> wrote:
>>> Has anyone modified the URQ diff lock set up to be manual as opposed to
>>> vacuum operated?
>>> On my late build 83 (now totaled) the locks worked but were quite slow,
>>> and
>>> had the ability to lock center only or both center & rear. My current
>>> early
>>> build 83 has an "on off" set-up linking both center and rear, and will
>>> engage
>>> them but not disengage them.
>>> Over the weekend I had the car up off all 4s and used a vacuum pump to
>>> thoroughly test the system for leaks, and both the green (engage) and red
>>> (disengage) systems are leak free. The red system just doesn't have
> enough
>>> grunt  to
>>> pull the diffs off.
>>> I would like to go to a manual system with levers and control cables but
>>> need to source some "custom" parts and cables, and was curious if anyone
>>> else
>>> has already done this.
>>> I had recently thought my alignment was bad as the car would corner
>>> weird  on
>>> long sweepers and just handle a bit strange. it now appears my rear diff
>>> has
>>> been locked for some time.
>>> TIA.
>>> Dennis
>>> Denver

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