Diff lock mods?

cody at 5000tq.com cody at 5000tq.com
Wed Oct 25 12:15:48 EDT 2006

>> *Bob D* wrote:
>>     thanks :)
>>     Now I remember, yes, I used the motor solenoids from a GM door lock,
>>     they are strong and weatherproof. The buttons were on a carbon
>>     fiber box
>>     mounted on the steering wheel so the buttons were always within thumbs
>>     reach.
>>     We should have salvaged those parts off the car....
>>     Mark J. Besso wrote:
>>     > I'll second that since it was my 4KQ that Bob designed/built
>>     them for.  They
>>     > utilized the door lock solenoids from a GMC Jimmy (gasp!) and
>>     they never
>>     > failed to engage/disengage immediately; regardless of weather.
>>     >
>>     > Thanks again, Bob.... I sure miss that car!
>>     >
>>     > ~MB
>>     >

Seems to me that sometimes when there was a binding load on the  
locking ring that the one-time pulling effort of a solenoid wouldn't  
work, that is unless the solenoid keeps pulling until it's movement is  

Other then that though I definately think I'll be doing this mod to my  
car ASAP! Of course in my typical fashion I'll take pictures and post  
a writeup on my website.

-Cody Forbes

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