Driveshaft question and seat heater prices

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Wed Oct 25 21:04:05 EDT 2006

Huw has a good write-up on his site re: the seat

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> Ok so I have a rebuilt driveshaft here that I've
> been planning on installing on my 5ktq ever since I
> picked it up from Mike Armans used Audi parts store
> (thats a joke - lets just say he had a TON of stuff
> that I hauled away). I dug it out last night and
> found all of the bits and pieces that I'd need,
> except one has turned up missing. The shaft was
> stored in halves with the center U joint in a box
> along with the CV bolts and such. Somehow sometime
> the u joint yoke on the driveshaft half with the
> center bearing ran away. It just slides on to a
> spline, and I immagine it's held with a circlip.
> My question is about if that yoke is ballanced with
> the shaft. My only idea is to use the yoke from the
> driveshaft currently in my car, but I'm worried
> about throwing the ballance off. Along those same
> lines I'm curious if the shaft is ballanced half at
> a time, or completely assembled. There is no key
> spline, so the yoke can be installed in quite a few
> degrees of wrong if there is such a thing.
> Mike, do you remember if that yoke was with the
> shaft before, or maybe if it was in one of the other
> boxes?
> As for my non-working seat heaters, well I checked
> and found both bottom elements bad today in the
> front seats, though the back elements are ok. List
> price for new elements? $176 from the local dealer,
> $141 my cost. I can't spend that kind of money, so
> I've been thinking about possible repair methods,
> but for all the work of taking the seat apart I
> really don't want to be back to square 1 again next
> fall. Dunno what I'm guna do quite yet.
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