alternator whine puzzle (X post) long

mike mcclurg rrrrraudi at
Thu Oct 26 09:57:40 EDT 2006

My suggestion is to use a small hose or tube and stick
one end in your ear and move the other end all around
the alternator and try to pinpoint the noise. You
might also use the screwdriver approach, too. the
different methods will find different types of noises.
I once found a strange noise that was coming from a
slight pulley misalignment. The hose pinpointed the
noise right at the point where the belt went onto the

--- Brandon Rogers <brogers at> wrote:

> OK Guys - 
> here is a frustrating one - bear with me.  Subject
> is an '84 urquattro
> with 3B 20Vt motor.  

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