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Thu Oct 26 10:54:53 EDT 2006

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> As for my non-working seat heaters, well I checked and found both bottom
elements bad today in the front seats, though the back elements are ok. List
price for new elements? $176 from the local dealer, $141 my cost. I can't spend
that kind of money, so I've been thinking about possible repair methods, but for
all the work of taking the seat apart I really don't want to be back to square 1
again next fall. Dunno what I'm guna do quite yet.

Cody, When I was really into VW camper vans (air cooled engines) I did
everything I could do to heat the interior in the vehicle during the
Colorado winters, including aftermarket seat heaters. The heaters, along
with an RV propane furnace actually worked and I was warm in the winter, a
rare thing in a VW combi van!

As I was cleaning out my garage last weekend, I found a spare pair of these
seat heaters which I never installed and forgot about. I'll be back home
over the weekend and will look at the boxes, because I don't remember the
brand. However, this seems like something that you might be able to
use/retrofit to fix your problem. And I'm sure there will be several
aftermarket options.

I'll email you the brand over the weekend, and if you want to go this route,
I'll sell you the ones I have for really cheap.


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