starter seizing anyone?

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Thu Oct 26 11:47:37 EDT 2006

I've heard of this happening in the past.  If my memory is correct, you
might be able to jiggle it loose from the flywheel by putting the car in
gear and nudging it a bit (old nose to the grindstone).  Of course, if you
pull the starter, it'll snap back into normal position.  It may be the
starter wasn't lubricated properly before being installed a couple years
ago if it was a rebuilt version.  Finally, you also could have a poor power
supply that doesn't give the starter the zip it really needs.

At 11:37 AM 10/26/2006 -0400, jesper moreau wrote:
>Has anyone ever had the starter servo shaft/wheel get stuck out and seize
>everything up? I was trying to start the 88 5KTQ after a long day of work
>she cranked over 2 1/2 times and then IMMEDIATELY! halted. From there on, it
>wouldn't turn over yet only make a "stuck motor chunking noise" with a click
>at the release of the key.
>i haven't looked at it yet but it is really acting like a seized starter.
>The starter was new 2 Januaries ago, however there were a few periods where
>there was hard starting due to the typical issues - which were resolved.
>I figure it burned up and it took a crap with the rod extended. Anyone?

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