Im in hell - driver door wont open

Tyson Varosyan tigran at
Thu Oct 26 13:18:31 EDT 2006

The handle feels ok. I have not had the car for long, but I think that it
feels like it should if the door is locked. 

After thinking about it all night I think I know what happened. Inside the
door on the locking mechanism there is a U-shaped plastic part that goes
around these 2 metal levels coming into the side of the door from the lock.
I think that these levers actually lock and unlock the door and I think that
the plastic U-shaped part that slips over them fell off. 

I don't have a Bentley and have not seen the drawings, but I did just get
done with putting the door back together after having to repair the lock
ring mechanism. 

Anyone got any bright ideas as to how to get to those levers? Someone on the
20v list suggested to go at them from the outside of the door with a coat
hanger through the window. I don't know if that will work because I remember
there being a plastic cover inside around the mechanism to prevent

Gonna spend some more time on it...

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On Oct 26, 2006, at 1:49 AM, Tyson Varosyan wrote:
> about the 10th time I shut it, it wont open. Wont open from inside,
> wont open from outside - plain stuck!!!


Its not clear what the symptems are.  When you pull on the door handle, 
does it move, yet the door does nt open? Or does it stick?  Or does ti 
move freely as if it were disconnected?  You need to get a couple of 
reasonable hypotheses about what broke.  Have you studied the bently 


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