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Paul Caouette paxnobis at
Sat Sep 2 01:25:06 EDT 2006


Last week my daughter's 90Q (20v) started overheating so I volunteered to
"fix it."

Now I've been preaching troubleshooting to her since she could walk into the
garage. "Always start with the simplest solutions and work towards the most
complicated.It saves you lots of effort."

I drove the car in witht the guage a bit past center and popped the hood. No
fan....Hmmm. That's simple. Then I reached in and gave the fan blade a
spin......The fan began the run but at very low rpm. Lower than even the low
setting on the two stage fan.....Hmmmm. Looks like it can't be the
thermostat 'cause it either on or off. So I forget my own lesson and spend
the next three days removing the fan motor. In the process I broke off the
plastic stem that connects the expansion tank to the radiator and had to
drill and tap the hole for a metal insert. I finally get the fan out after
wrestling with the shroud and discover on the benck that it works just

Just before putting the shroud back in I discover that the engine mount is
broken so I spend another night replacing that.

Tonight I tell her, "You have to help me reassemble." And she does.

We had a great time but like all my work I alway seem to have an extra nut
or screw left over. I made light of it and told her it always happens and
not to worry.

We start up the car and everything works fine. Even the metal stem!

"See," I said, "You don't ever need all the parts they put on a car."

Wwe drop it off the jacks and she backs it out slowly. As the car backs out
there on the floor is a bracket. She stops the car and gets out. I pick up
the braket and we both contemplate it. It is something I can't recall
removing and I can't for the life of me figure out what it is...or where it

Katherine is now reluctant to drive the car..and I;m reluctant to admit that
I might have really screwed up.

Perhaps one of you might have access to the parts fiche (or DVD) and help me
with botha aname and an idea as to where it might fit

The number on the backet is 443419857A.

Any help would be appreciated..... although perhaps I should maintain that I
am a dummy so she won't be asking me to fix her car...ever again!

In Dnever
'83 TQC
89 200 wagon
90 20v q
1998 A4 Avant

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