Help Me Preserve My Repurtation

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sat Sep 2 10:49:05 EDT 2006

This bracket does no supporting of the transmission.  It's held in place
with ONE bolt into the transmission case.  The other hole goes over a pin
sticking out of the transmission case.  The bracket merely assures the
cables for the Pro Con Ten system can't slip over the fixture on the
transmission that puts tension on the cables -- and thereby puts tension on
the seat belts --  if the transmission moves rearward in a frontal collision.

At 08:35 AM 9/2/2006 -0600, Paul Caouette wrote:
>Looks like I'd better crawl under that car one more time.
>The holes in the bracket were coated with grease and there was no evidence
>of any bolts having been through them in quuite some time. hmmmmm
>Two holes hold bracket with bolts through tranmission...transmission
>attached to pwertrain with bolts......AHA!
>Transmission in danger of dropping due to gravity......must remember not to
>roll UNDER the transmission whhen checking this one out.

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