Wheels and Wings Show in Osceola, WI

Douglas Fifield douglas.fifield at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 10:52:31 EDT 2006


Next Saturday is the annual Wheels and Wings Car and Aircraft show in
Osceola, Wisconsin.  This is a great gathering for anyone interested
in cars or planes.  The show is free to enter and many local car clubs
join up to park together and socialize.  I have been trying to
encourage Audi owners in the Twin Cities region to do the same over
the last couple of years with mild success.

The key to being able to park as a "marque" is to all drive in
together.  Cars are parked by location as they come in, so if we
wanted to have an Audi section, we need to meet up and drive up to
Osceola in a convoy.  In years past, we have met in the vicinity of
White Bear Lake, north of St. Paul, along Highway 61.

This year I propose that we meet at a Holliday gas station about 2.5
miles north of downtown WBL.  Just go north on Hwy 61 through WBL
until you come to the junction of 120th St/Co. Rd. J and Hwy 61.  The
gas station is located on the SE corner of the intersection.  I will
be there by 7:45 AM and will leave at 8:15 sharp.  It is about an hour
to Osceola from there depending on traffic.  There are some nice
twisty two lane roads leading over to the St. Croix River valley that
are nice to drive.

Here is a link to some more information:


Hope to see you there.

Douglas in MN
95.5 Audi S//6 Avant
73 BMW R60/5 mit Toaster Tank

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