Headliner removal question

E. Roy Wendell IV erwendell at mac.com
Sat Sep 2 19:19:55 EDT 2006

On Sep 2, 2006, at 6:44 PM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

> Bentley doesn't lie, Roy.  Heh, heh.  The rear headrest/seatback  
> anchors do
> have small tabs that project through the sheetmetal at the front of  
> the
> trunk.  They're hidden by the rear speakers hanging there.  After I
> extracted them from my 200q20v so I could take out the seatback, I  
> ground
> off the tabs that stick through the bulkhead so I wouldn't have to  
> tear out
> the trunk liner and play contortionist again to get them out in the  
> future.
>  Now I can lever them up and pull them out from inside the car.   
> I'd guess
> you want the seatback out to avoid having to destroy the headliner  
> backer
> board in order to get it out.  But I've not had a headliner problem  
> yet
> (Shhhhhh, don't tell the Audi diety).

Kudos to Kneale. In my case they aren't hidden by the speakers at all  
in (non Bose), just the carpet on the back side of the rear seat  
bulkhead. I had been looking for them to be protruding through the  
deck but they instead slot into the bulkhead about two inches below  
the junction with the deck. The headrest anchors run vertically while  
the bulkhead slopes so the two meet. Push the locking tab forward and  
up and then pull them the rest of the way out from inside at the top  
of the seat back.

One step closer.

Roy Wendell
erwendell at mac.com
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