Strandberg's Auto, Centuria WI

Greg Smith lifeisabirdie at
Tue Sep 5 12:32:47 EDT 2006

I've been involved with Volvos for the past 25 years and they were focused on Volvos for quite a while.  I've had a bunch of customers that have had positive dealings with them.  I personally have not had the need to use them.

Greg Galinsky
G & G Service

george.butler2 at wrote: Hello all,

Has anyone had any dealings with Strandberg's Auto? They're an online used and new parts (boneyard I think) resource.  I have to order a few parts for my 84 4KSQ and I had never heard of these guys. They are out of Centuria WI.  Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


George B. 
84 4KSQ
88 5KSQ
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