Brake Fluid Recommendations?

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Tue Sep 5 18:24:49 EDT 2006

Make sure they do the flush properly- the idiots at Palisades Audi spilled
brake fluid all over
the panel under the master cylinder as well as on the calipers and the
wheels. They also tried
to pry the center caps out of the wheel improperly (not even where the cap
comes off of the wheel).

I would also suggest having the shop pressure bleed the clutch hydraulics.


On 9/5/06, Mark R <speedracer.mark at> wrote:
> I'm not certain on the '04-up, but prior to this the 2 year flush was
> included in maintenance by Audi.
> Flush every 2 years.  More often if you suspect you've boiled the fluid or
> gotten any moisture into it.

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