For those with strong stomachs... (NAC)

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Sep 5 19:40:17 EDT 2006

> Hmm.  I think these pictures hurt quite a bit too:
> Granted, it's well executed, but why???  My favorite part is the  
> drywall screw used to hold the switch panel full of radioshack ON-OFF- 
> ON switches in. 

Yeah, that is hilarious.

I know it's the "style" or something, but the whole thing just seems 
awful to me.  Are the rear wheels supposed to be broken off like that? 
I don't even get what that is an exaggeration of.

And that's the point with 'silly' show cars, to exaggerate what might be 
found on some genre of real car, race car, usually.  Like all those 
crazy Chuck Barris hot rods...

But, uh, you lose a *lot* of points for a cheap, crappy looking switch 
panel in plain sight.

Huw Powell

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