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Brett Dikeman quattro at
Wed Sep 6 16:37:15 EDT 2006

On Sep 6, 2006, at 2:21 PM, Nick Lawrence wrote:

> From 5 years ago I found a reference to Robert Houk's site  that  
> contained a good explanation of what goes on inside the ECU.
> The site   doesn't seem to work  
> anymore.
> Does anyone have this info saved in a form that could be passed on? 

URLs are not remapped inline with the text, so if you find a link you  
want to click, you need to manually paste it in after the numbered  
bit (which represents the timestamp the snapshot was taken.)

I was able to download the disassembled code (text file) this way,  
for example.  That URL is the latest version I could find; after that  
date, they indexed pages which looked like error pages when TIAC  
moved to Earthlink (or somesuch.)

Fascinating stuff- someone who truly dug in deep into the ECU code,  
and published what he found.  We should try and track him down, and  
ask permission to put it into the Audifans knowledgebase so it is  
more easily discovered and encourages people to hack ECU code more.   
I know it prodded me a bit.

Hell, imagine if we could fix some known bugs or enhance the ECUs!

Side update: I IM'd Mark Chang about this and he said "DUDE, you  
don't KNOW who RDH is!?" and said he grabbed the guy's website a  
while back.  Here you go, not sure which is more up-to-date, but  
here's another source:


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