quattro Digest, Vol 35, Issue 22

Stephen Arbaugh sneekerz at comcast.net
Sat Sep 9 12:40:06 EDT 2006

George said: 
After another frustrating trip through the Bentleys I still cannot find any
information on the linkage.at the gas pedal.for my 84 4KSQ.  The Bentleys
does illustrate the linkage (not mine BTW) on the engine side of the
firewall, but I need information detailing the linkage from the gas pedal to
the firewall.  It appears that two rubberish/corkish um,  "gaskets" have
deteriorated to the point where they have fallen off of their "posts".  



Last year the gasket things on my accl pedal also gave up. Ordered the new
gasket things from my local mech and seriously wondered if they were
supposed to look like they were about to fall apart: seemed very flimsy.
Anyway, I ended up taking the gas pedal out of the car: couple spring clips
to hold the pivot rod in place, slide the rod out and the pedal falls off.
Press new gasket things in pedal and accel cable end, find the appropriate
contortionist position to put the pedal back in position and slide rod and
spring clips back on and done. 

As for using other material, I don't see why not (I'll let the experts give
the real answer). If you can find the appropriate size rubber plugs and
somehow get the bits to all fit together, go for it. My mech said the
originals were somewhat springy/spongy to absorb some of the vibrations from
the motor, so not sure if that will make a difference in driving "feel" or
not. As long as all the metal pieces are still in good shape, I'd say you
could use rubber, or cork, or ??? When mine went to pot, in the middle of my
drive home of course, I had to run a string (actually a cat5 ethernet
cable.. was all I had) out the drivers window, under the hood, tie it to the
throttle mechanism and drive that way. The first couple starts weren't too
coordinated, but after that, no problem. A few folks did look at me kinda
funny tho..

'86 4kcsq
Kent, WA

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