Procedure for replacing your 88 5kq fuel injector inserts/seals

SJ syljay at
Sat Sep 9 13:03:26 EDT 2006

Addendum to the tool list requirements for the Fuel Injector Insert 13 mm
Removal Tool.

The 13 mm Allen socket may be a hard find. Most stores only carry sizes to
10 mm.
Standard metric Allen key kits only go to about 10 mm also.
Even Sears does not carry a 13 mm Allen -- I just came from there

However, all is not lost. Most of you already have a "13mm" Allen wrench and
dont know it!
The 10 mm and 12 mm Triple Square drives, that we use around the drive train
and Cyl Head bolts?, is made from hexagonal bar stock that just happens to
be ---- 1/2" , or  12.7 mm!!!!

My Triple Square drives are part numbers KD 2305 and KD 2305, which dont
come imbedded into a 3/8" socket drive.
The KD 2306 is 4" long, of which 3" is 13 mm Bar stock - - making it nice
and long for the task at hand.
The KD 2305 is a half inch shorter than the KD 2306.

To use KD 2305 for removing a 13 mm insert:
- reverse the tool
- install the Triple Square end into a 13 mm deep socket and you are ready
to go.
- To retain the Allen in the socket, wrap the Allen tool end in a piece of
shopping bag plastic before jamming it into the socket.

I picked up the plastic inserts and various O rings this morning.
I havent tried using the 13 mm tool adaption described above yet.
Will keep you posted on the R & R.

85 Dodge PU, D-250, 318, auto
85 Audi 4k - - sold but still on the road
88 Audi 5kq
90 Audi 100q

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