Audi Recalls

cobram at cobram at
Sat Sep 9 21:23:59 EDT 2006

I perused the list, and it's far from complete, and some of the items
listed I believe are bulletins, and not recalls.  I looked for the recent
V8Q recalls (airbag sensors, Bose and cruise control bushing) and they're
not on that list.  Audi will track your car down if there are any
outstanding recalls, I've received recall notices for cars that I took
off the road years ago.  There must be a law to this effect, because all
car companies send out these notices to the last registered owner.

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Kurt Deschler <desch at> writes:
> I found this site that lists recalls for all models. I was was 
> wondering what the policy is for recalls on older vehicles such as a
5000? Are 
> we entitled to this stuff for free? I wouldn't mind a free set of rear 
> calipers.


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