Non hub-cetric mags

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Sun Sep 10 14:16:28 EDT 2006

Generally there are a lot of aftermarket centering rings that may work for your rims.  My 28 yr experience in the tire business has been with alloy rims the rims generally seat very well with either the ball or cone seat lug nuts or lugbolts. If it was a flat washer type of lugnut or a steel wheel where the lugnut mounting surface may have been worn or elongated due to overly tight or loose lug nut; those are the ones that seem to have issues.
Greg Galinsky
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McCohens at wrote: Got a cheap set of wheels today, once home and on the car I noticed they  
don't have hub-centering rings.    If I pull them tight real  carefully will it 
be OK or am I looking at a never ending wheel vibration  issue?  Worst case I 
have an extra set of tires and some scrap  aluminum.
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