Cam timing in the 10V turbo motor

Dave C dconner at
Tue Sep 12 16:04:10 EDT 2006

Neale wrote ...
"There is a history of the woodruff key in the camshaft pulley shearing or
disintegrating.  On our 86 4kq, there was no key in place when I did the
timing belt the first time."

>Ameer wrote...*
*>>* I was wondering if anyone ever had any experience with the cam timing
*>>* on the 10V turbo motor. I think I may be off by a tooth or two.

Neale, et al,

There is also a history of the crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer)
woodruff key shearing.  This can be due to insufficient torque on the crank
bolt.  Some people suggest it could also be caused by >not< using the
special crank locking tool... torquing the crank bolt could force some
slippage of the harmonic balancer with damage to the key.  The special tool
actually locks the harmonic balancer whereas many of the alternate methods
lock other engine components such as the flywheel.

Scott Mockry has a great write-up including excellent photos on setting the
timing marks for this motor posted at...

In addition to the marks on the cam pulley and flywheel there is also a mark
on the distributor yo might want to check.
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Dave C.

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