Trip computer info

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Wed Sep 13 08:54:23 EDT 2006

While your comments are valid, there aren't all that many luxury cars
that have MP3 capability and iPod connectivity until at least MY2005.

Audi is way behind on that stuff- their Bluetooth implementation is mediocre
and was done a couple years behind the market leaders (Acura, for example).

Actually the model year changes are very informative if you're selling the
cars- those
docs. are not for public consumption, that's why they're not all that

Bouncy ride? That's weird- did your dealer forget to prep the car properly?
Did they
not remove the shipping blocks in the springs? That's a common symptom of
oversight. Does your car have air suspension- obviously there aren't such
in a car w/ air suspension? If it's air suspension, you have to prep it via
the dealership
electronic tool (don't remember the current number- 5150?).

IME, the cars are not bouncy at all- they are so soft that the 18" wheel
option really improves the overall drive quality due to the stiffer sidewall
and wider footprint.

IIRC, the trip computer is now optional- if your car is the base model, it
won't have it (does your car have wood trim?).


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