Failure mode for Xenon HID lamps?

Fred Munro munrof at
Wed Sep 13 20:20:47 EDT 2006

When my ballasts failed I had the same symptoms. The lights would flicker,
sometimes they came on and stayed on, sometimes they flickered and went out.
I identified the problem by switching ballasts and the flickering moved to
the other side. This was a retrofit kit with integrated ballasts and
igniters - if you have separate igniters they could also be the problem.
Both ballasts eventually failed with the same symptoms.

Fred Munro
'94 S4
'97 S6

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One of my HID headlights started flickering last night, and then went
off for a while. It's back on now, and all seems OK. I need to check out
all the wiring harnesses now that it's daylight, but I'm wondering what
the failure mode for HIDs is. Regular headlights, they just stop
working. Anything different about these?

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