4kq coolant reservoir level

Robert Rossato bob.rossato_af at cox.net
Sat Sep 16 11:21:40 EDT 2006

The level doesn't drop until things warm up, and then if I were to shut
it off it will come back up to normal within 5-10 seconds.  Turning it
back on will cause the level to drop just as quickly while it's hot.

I checked all the hoses and they seem fine.  No obvious bulging or soft
spots, and no real difference in size when hot.  I swapped caps and that
didn't change anything.  The system is holding pressure.

Maybe it's got an air pocket somewhere, though all the hoses are hot and
I get plenty of heat when I turn it on.  Just the same I'll try to fill
it to the brim and see if that changes anything.  One thing I wasn't
able to find is where the MAX mark is on this reservoir.  The MIN is
below the seam, but I'm not sure where MAX is.  There are no markings
for it that I can find.  Anyone seen Max?

I've only had this car for 6 months and I don't know the history of the
coolant system.  It has an NG 2.3L transplant in it, but that shouldn't
affect the coolant system.  Though I've got some cold start/run problems
that I still need to get sorted out.  But that's a discussion for
another day.


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> If it holds enough pressure to push the level down 2 inches 
> it should not 
> overflow when you shut it off, the cap should hold the same 
> pressure engine 
> on or off. Old weak hoses are the likely cause of so much 
> level drop when 
> the system is under pressure. The pressure makes them expand 
> and your system 
> volume increases. Check the hoses closely and replace any the 
> look swollen 
> or are oil soaked. I recently had a hose split (dorf 
> exploder) while on the 
> freeway and I lost all the coolant with out even seeing any steam. I 
> overheated the engine so much it was pinging at anything 
> above an idle. Temp 
> gauge only showed slightly higher temp than normal since there was no 
> coolant touching the sensor. I was lucky I got off the 
> freeway when I did or 
> I would have been stuck in commuter traffic overheating and 
> the next off 
> ramp was about 3 miles. Of course I was on my way to pick up 
> a trailer and 
> drive to LA, made for a long night :(
> The max & min levels on the tank are valid only with the 
> engine hot. I 
> usually added a bit extra to mine.
> Good Luck
> Jim

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