quattro Digest, Vol 35, Issue 50

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 18:20:11 EDT 2006

which model / sze was it if you recall?


On 9/17/06, bob <bob at maxboostracing.com> wrote:
> I had an oddysey in my 4000tq and it was awesome. It was small enough
> that I didnt have to relocate the battery to the trunk, it still fit
> behind the wastegate. Never had a problem with it.. only issue was that
> on REALLY cold mornings (0deg F or below) it cranked a little slow, but
> not bad, and still easily started the car. The car also had a good sized
> stereo in it with subs, and never an issue.
> Also a happy customer.
> bob
> thejimrose wrote:
> > speaking from 5+ years in the car audio world, i've had good luck with
> > optima's red top bateries and have had them in several cars. ive
> > gotten good life [5 years on 1]  and very few issues with them.
> >
> > i had one in my 5000 for a while under the back seat, and never had
> > any issues with it as far as gassing, working on the assumption that
> > it was 'sealed'.
> >
> > altho.. i'm probably going to get an odyssey for my next batt in the
> > a4. theyre incredibly well made and much smaller and lighter that a
> > normal battery. ive spoken to a few folks that have had good luck with
> > the pc680 motorcycle battery in the a4's. once guy in MN.
> >
> > http://www.odysseybatteries.com/
> >
> > you can mount them any way, upside down, etc. they're deep cycle, 3
> > year warranty and a 10 year lifespan. plus they specifically say can
> > be mounted in the pass compt.
> >
> > theyre also generally regarded in the motorcycle world as the best
> > battery out there. no affiliation, etc. just impressve product.
> >
> > cheers
> > jim

nobody ever listened to me until they didn't know who i was.

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