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Michael Murphy murph101 at
Mon Sep 18 20:13:29 EDT 2006

Huw Powell wrote:

>>> If you press "setup" (I think?) on the CC head, you then get an MMI  
>>> menu for stuff like whether the unit goes into auto-recirculation  
>>> mode.  Except...the MMI controller does bupkus.  It took us 5 
>>> minutes  of flipping through the manual (never found anything) and 
>>> fiddling  before we realized we were supposed to use Mini-MMI on the 
>>> CC head.
>> Oh come on now, just how intuitive does it have to be?
> How about "as intuitive as it can be?"
> I've only read about these interfaces, and I'm glad I'll probably never 
> be able to afford one of these cars, however used it gets to be.
>> And the Owner's Manual, not the MMI manual has fairly extensive 
>> instructions on the CC's operation.
> Yeah, manuals are great at 60 mph.  Or you could memorize it all in case 
> you'll need it.  I have a digital camera that in some ways is not very 
> intuituive - the Manual modes involve lotsof menus and choices.  But, 
> you can pick it up, turn it on to Auto, and point and shoot.  The things 
> that matter have their own buttons.  I would not want using a new car to 
> have as steep a learning curve as this camera does on its features.
>>>> - try manually tuning the radio- go into the radio screen, select
>>>> tuner, then turn the knob to select the forward or backward icon
>>>> and then push the knob to move a step (or more) forward or
>>>> backward. It's infuriatingly stupid.
>> What year is your parents car?  In 06+ cars, radio memory is accessed 
>> from the scroll wheel on the left spoke of the steering wheel. 
>> Regardless, press the radio memory button on MMI and use the steering 
>> wheel scroll wheel mentioned above to wade thru your presets.
> That sounds reasonable.  As long as that radio memory button is a 
> button, and not a menu choice.
>> In general, it would help if customers RTFM, just a bit before going 
>> on a rant.  Jeez, you guys are like an automotive lynch mob.
> RTFM is an important step in learning how something works, yes.  But, as 
> we all know, most manuals get ignored from day one.  Which is why lots 
> of consumer electronics comes with two manuals now - one big one that 
> has everything, to throw away, and one that is as small as possible, 
> showing how to hook it up and turn it on.
>> Take a collective breath folks.
> Hey, here at the coiners of the phrase "team doorhandle" we reserve the 
> right to have an attitude about poor user interfaces.
OK, I give up.  There is no pleasing everyone all of the time.  There's 
no question earlier models of MMI (2004 A8 & early 05 A6) were not as 
easy to use.  From 06, you need very little brain mass to read about and 
use an MMI system.

But you boys & girls should know that current MMI equipped Audis:
1. Have a shift lever - just above the dreaded MMI console - a gas pedal 
and brake pedal.  All work as advertised and described in the manual.
2. You activate the CC by pushing a button and you can turn it off w/the 
same button.  Change the temp by turning a knob.  Pressing "Auto" makes 
the system work - much better than previous systems - to bring cabin 
temp quickly to your desired setting.
3. Audio operation requires a spin of one of the scroll wheels on the 
steering wheel - you do need to press an MMI button on the console to 
get to the CD.
4. Audi Nav & Telephone work great.  BMW does have a better way to 
manually dial a number & Lexus has the touch screen that everyone raves 
about but can't use unless the car is stopped - that's because Lexus 
knows their owner base and doesn't trust them ;)  At least at Audi, 
we'll give you another "lawyer" screen before we let you run amuck with 
Nav & Telephone at speed - see Audi thinks, but I'm not so sure, that 
their customers are smart enough to NOT use the system at speed, and 
presume that a passenger is operating same.
5.  Don't like MMI, turn it off!  The car still works, so does the CC. 
Yea, so you can't play music, but you should be concentrating on your 
driving, not drinking coffee...oops, sorry ;)

And BTW Huw, Team Doorhandle Engineering Group no longer exists, however 
, there is a plaque in Neckarsulm to honor that great group of guys. 
Interestingly, right next to the plaque is a bust of a person that looks 
just like Phil Payne ;)

Have a wonderful evening and remember... it's just a car.

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