Audio audifans :) Need some help

Rob Beatty beattyr2003 at
Mon Sep 18 21:44:45 EDT 2006

Need some help.  Have a 1995 A6 Sedan with the Bose system.  Sounds like I
blew one of the rear deck speakers.  Upon examination, it appears its driven
by an amp in the back, so a standard 6x9 speaker looks like it will be a
suitable replacement.  I have to figure out how to remove the custom cover
audi makes for it the speakers, I think I will use a dremel to drill out the
melted plastic rivets.  Anyone have any BTDT on this?  How about a good
replacement brand of speaker?  I am currently running the stock system,
though I am going to upgrade the head unit to an Alpine unit that will
connect directly to my IPOD at some point in the near future.  





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