graphics sizer - NAC (almost)

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Wed Sep 20 08:33:37 EDT 2006

Mike Arman wrote:
> Free software or shareware would be best, I'd even buy something if I 
> knew it would work - the alternative is to have the printer do the 56 
> pictures at $15 each. Running W2K, so it needs to be a windows program, 
> not Mac or Linux.

Don't rule out Linux.  You can get/download free CDs that
run off the CD -- you boot from the CD, and it runs off
the CD, they don't install onto your hard drive, they
don't change your Windows setup.   Knoppix  and Mepis
are two that come to mind.  I run Kubuntu which, in the
newest (v 6.x) release, lets you do the same.

On the graphics front, GIMP should give you what you need.
It's included with most Linux distributions.

If you want to go with PDF, OpenOffice (again included
with most distributions) lets you save to PDF format.

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