80q trim and heated seat conversion

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I added heated seats to my 4000 using all the parts from an 80 with 
heated seats. It's pretty straight forward if you get all the 
components. I just cut the old elements out of the 80's seats and 
tested before I installed. Cost me less than 50 dollars for all parts 
and about 6 hours of install time.


 87 4ktq
 00 S4

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 Howdy folks,
 Three things.

  My bud has an 80Q. A trim shop just replaced his driver's door trim, 
it had the
  famous problem where it was pulling away from the front of the door. 
  though the weather's been cool, the new trim started pulling up a 
couple of days
  later. Does anybody have any adhesive or mechanical solutions for 
this? I will
 look at the archives, I'm sure this has been asked a million times.

  The second thing is, he is looking at a 20V 90Q, with great interior. 
But no
  heated seats. I've had the console apart on these things, so I know 
  controls just plug in like the fog light switches, trip computer 
  etcetera. If he gets the heat controls, are the plugs on the back of 
 console already there for them, on the harness?

  Can you convert non-heated seats to heated by installing the elements, 
or does
 he needed heated seats off eBay?

 Thanks guys,


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