water damage?

pasquale pilato pasqualep99 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 25 07:58:44 EDT 2006

No personal experience, but Howard Stern just drove
his S8 through deep water on a city street and the
engine stopped.  Insurance wants to total it. He is
now looking for a truck with Sirius.

You have to find out why the engine stopped, find any
electronic damage,  and see if you have water in any
of the fluids under the car, tranny, diff's...

I did drive my 1990 100q into a pond. (it was dark) 
Went to the tow company in the morning and drove home!

 David Nelson wrote:
> >I stupidly drove my 2001 A8L (100k, off warranty,
> insured) into high 
> >water on a city street. It quit, and I got out and
> waded away when I 
> >noticed water in the foot wells. I called AAA to
> flatbed it to the 
> >nearest dealer's shop. What all should I have them
> check out? 
> >Suggestions from anybody who's BTDT?
> >
> >Thanks, Dave Nelson.

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