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Mon Sep 25 15:33:10 EDT 2006

I just went through this last month with the clutch
job on my 85 QSW.

I took the flywheel for a resurfacing, and like all of
you, the machine shop guy broke one of the two shorter

My car's flywheel has (or had) 5 pins; 3 taller ones
used as guides for the pressure plate and the other
shorter ones are for...who knows what.

Anyway, my first thought was the guy probably f$%%^ my
car's flywheel and now what.

He called a buddy of his on the phone who "is a VW
certified mechanic" and told him that the shorter pins
were installed by the VW factory to "guide/aligned the
original clutch."

Needless to say, the other shorter pin got my money's
worth as it was so stuck in place that it was
literally destroyed upon removal for the resurfacing,
but not before giving the shop guy a good sweat.

My thought of the 2 shorter pins is some kind of
balancing weights. What are they really for?



--- Eric Sanborn <eric.s.lists at> wrote:

> On 9/23/06, Kneale Brownson <kneale at>
> wrote:
> > What are the tall pins on the flywheel?
> This is really stretching my memory, but I think it
> is for a deal
> machine that was used in tuning the cars.  Does that
> sound right
> anyone?  When I got mine resurfaced they bent one
> also and I just had
> them knock them off completely.
> > Will additional length cause any problem?
> At some point yes, but sorry I don't know at when.
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