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DeWitt Harrison six-rs at comcast.net
Mon Sep 25 21:15:08 EDT 2006

Well, halleluiah. I dodged the bullet this time. If, when I ordered
up a set of new front seatbelts for the 'ol 5kcstq, I had known
that they were not the same as my original belts and that they
required a different little plastic cap to cover the upper b-pillar
attachment hardware, all would have been good.

But after a panic sequence of events during which I assumed my
newer belts must have been upgraded units for a later model
type 44, e.g. a 200, and during which I investigated the
possibility of completely changing out the b-pillar trim, etc.,
I finally realized that the family album drawing showing the
new seat belts also showed a p/n for the caps which was
different than the p/n for my original caps.

Bottom line: new cap p/n ordered (there were 5 pieces in
country), new cap fits new seat belts. Surely this must be
reason enough to accept Christ as my Savior.

Thanks again to Taka for clarifying the Procon-Ten
conversion issues in the type 44. That information made me
challenge my assumptions and go back to basics.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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Thanks your this information. It does look pretty hopeless to
switch to a Procon-Ten styled b-pillar trim, etc.

After additional family album research, I have found a ray
of hope that there is a plastic cover for the seat belt
shackle style that I now have. I don't know why I didn't see
it before but in the drawing which lists my seat belt p/ns,
there is also a cover shown which has a different p/n than
on my original covers. Perhaps there was a seat belt
upgrade prior to the major Type 44 facelift in 1989.
We will soon see.

Best regards,

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  The facelifted type 44 (new dash, door panels and slight exterior changes)
was the
  start of Procon-Ten. That would be '89 for US cars- when they changed the
  names to Audi 100 and 200 (which was, I'm sure you know, the designation
for the
  car in Europe the entire time).

  Procon-Ten's restraint system would be extremely labor intensive to
retrofit to a car
  that was not originally equipped that way- you need Procon-Ten compatible
  bellhousing, seat belts, steering column and probably a bunch of other

  You might be better off ordering a belt for a '87 to make sure that you
don't end up with
  Audi 100 parts.

  I am surprised that they would get you the wrong belts- time to take them
back to the
  dealer for an exchange.


    On 9/19/06, DeWitt Harrison < six-rs at comcast.net> wrote:
    > Some years back, I acquired new factory front seat belts
    > for my '88 5kcs. Just recently, I installed them only to
    > find that they are somewhat different than the originals.
    > The upper b-pillar mounting shackle, the piece of
    > hardware the belt slides through, was shaped differently.
    > For example, the plastic over-molding was too fat to
    > pass through the access slot in the b-pillar trim panel
    > without a little modification. Additionally, the small
    > plastic trim cover that covers the exposed metal part
    > on the 5k's seat belt shackle doesn't fit quite correctly.
    > I suspect my new seat belt set are upgraded parts to
    > be compatible with later model type 44s such as the
    > '89-'91 200s or the V8s. [ ... ]

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