88 5kq - Intermittant Hard Starting

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Sep 27 12:13:55 EDT 2006

> **** But, I'm stubborn. Analog milliammeter needles dont go negative, so its
> hard to figure out what the swing range is. I"ll see how much play I have
> with the meter needle zero adjust.

Simply start with it tryign to go negative, turn 3mm screw til it comes 
positive.  Should be swinging by then.  Flip leads until it shows equal 
swing in each direction.

Or... Radio Slack used to and probably still does sell a digital meter 
for about $40 that has a nice low mA range.  In fact, of my three DVMs, 
it's the only one capable of doing this test.

> Ok, I thought of another way of adjusting idle mixture. Using engine RPM as
> an indicator to tell you when you are close to or at Stoich mixture.
> Engine warmed  up.
> 1. Disconnect ISV
> 2. Attach hose pinch clamp to regulate bypass air for controlling idle RPM
> 3. Disconnect DPR
> 4. Have propane tank with hose on standby, propane hose leads to air intake
> at front grill
> 5. Start engine and let it settle down
> 6. Adjust hose pinch clamp for idle 750 RPM
> 7. Start feeding in propane, while observing RPM
>         - if  RPM increases, mixture is lean;  if RPM falls, mixture is rich
>         - Adjust propane for max RPM
>         - reduce RPM to 750 using pinch clamp on bypass hose
>         - shut off propane
> 8. Adjust 3mm mixture adjustment to adjust RPM to max (750)
> 9. For final adjustment, use either a controlled vacuum leak and/or the
> propane to establish if you are at peak RPM, then tweak the 3 mm Allen screw
> to match.

Yeah, that sounds like the easy way to me!

Huw Powell



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