Water pump stealth failure?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Sep 29 14:50:31 EDT 2006

> Does anyone know a way to check the water pump short of removing it and
> inspecting it?  Obviously, if I remove it, I might as well do the TB in the
> process, which I don't want to do now.  

I was going to mention this before, if I didn't already, a sort of quick 
and dirty check on the pump, or at least coolant flow.

If you rev the engine up manually (under the hood), you should see a 
fair amount of turbulence in the overflow tank as it gets circulated.

The engine might need to be warm (thermostat open) for this to work, I 
can't remember.

Also, during warm up, as the tstat opens, you should be able to feel the 
warm coolant move through the radiator.  Not very convincing of flow, 
but it is something.

I also forget (had one of these years ago), does the transmission have 
cooling lines running through the radiator?  if so, that may be a source 
of extra heat.  Though, the radiator should be able to cast it off.

Do you still have A/C?

Huw Powell



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