4K A/C mods

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Apr 10 06:31:58 EDT 2007

john at westcoastgarage.net writes:
> Ti Kan wrote:
> >john at westcoastgarage.net writes:
> >>I'd kinda like to put a modern A/C compressor on a 4K (4 cyl FWD).  This 
> >>York has a bad leak.  Any tips, BTDTs, whatever?  TIA, John
> >
> >BTDT on my 4000 with a Sanden compressor and converted to R-134A.
> >Search the archives for info...
> >
> >-Ti
> >
> Well, I just spent 20 minutes looking and can't find it.  I admit I'm 
> archive-search challenged, thoigh.  Help?!  John

OK, I guess the Audifans google archive search feature isn't working
well.  I entered some keywords I know are relevant and it didn't find
anything.  Anyway to fix this Brett or Dan?

Anyway, what I did was to use a new Sanden SD5H14 model 4509 compressor
for R134a pre-filled with PAG oil (the R12 version of this compressor
is called the SD508, and most people in the business will know what
you're talking about when you mention SD508, but would sometimes give you
a blank look if you mention SD5H14.  The 4509 submodel specifies the
port fitting and clutch/pulley configuration).

The compressor was mounted to the stock Mini-York compressor location
using an aluminum adapter bracket from www.iceac.com.  I had to change
to a slightly longer belt than the original because the AC pulley is
now a little farther away from the crank pulley than before (Conti-SF
13x850 V-belt).

iceac.com doesn't show the adapter bracket as a sepaately-available part,
but I was able to buy it plus the fittings and a bunch of hardware
without buying a whole kit (they don't list a kit for the 4000 anyway).

I then had R134a-compatible barrier hoses custom made for me to hook up
to the compressor.  The fittings at the compressor were also from iceac.com
and had the correct R134a ports.  I also replaced the receiver-drier
and expansion valve.  The o-rings at all fittings were changed to green
nitrile types for R134a compatibility.

My 4000 is an early model with only a single radiator fan, so I swapped
the fan shroud to the later (85+) style with dual fans to improve cooling
through the AC condensor.  I also added an idle air bypass valve
(stock VAG part) to boost the idle speed slightly when the compressor
is engaged, compensating for the increased load on the engine.  The result
is no idle speed change when the compressor goes on or off.

I made this conversion several years ago and the AC is still blowing cold,
much better than it ever did even when the car was new.

Go here and see pics of my 4000, a few of them are underhood shots
showing the compressor, etc.


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