Selling my Audi, what's a fair price?

David Kase davekase at
Wed Apr 11 14:35:05 EDT 2007

The automatic is what kills it for most Audi folks.  If it was a 5 speed 
Quattro it would sell for $3500+

Dave Kase

David Ullrich wrote:

>I find it very interesting that a 1993 90 FWD sells for about the same price
>as a good condition Type 85 4000q or Coupe GT (regardless of year). Much
>older car with much less "going for it" selling for the same price as a
>newer luxury sedan? Seem off to me, but I have no clue what the newer cars
>really sell for.
>1987 CGT 2.3
>On 4/11/07, Ryan Hoitink <rahqlist at> wrote:
>>$1200 was pretty good for a trade-in on that car.  It would probably be
>>to do better than that with a private sale.  A quattro car in that
>>might be worth $1700 or so, but a FWD is a tough sell to an Audi
>>enthusiast.  You'd probably have the best luck selling locally to someone
>>who's never had an Audi before... BTDT.
>>On 4/11/07, Tony Urban <tony at> wrote:
>>>I've owned a 1993 90 (not a quattro) for about 4 years now and it's
>>>finally time to let it go.  I have another car and keeping insurance on
>>>both vehicles, plus trying to store one when it's not being driven, is
>>>proving to be too much trouble.
>>>I'd say my Audi is in above average condition for a model of that age.
>>>The paint is in excellent condition with just a few scratches on the
>>>trunk, a spot of discoloration on the rear bumper, and "road rash" on
>>>the hood.  There's no obvious rust on the vehicle.  The front left
>>>fender was replaced after a minor accident (body damage only) 3 years
>>>ago, so the paint there and on the drivers side door is pristine and the
>>>difference between it and the factory paint is noticible when the car
>>>hasn't been waxed for a month or two.  With a fresh wax job, it's hard
>>>to see the difference, aside from the hood, roof and trunk lid.  The
>>>color is red, btw.
>>>Mechanically, the car is nearly perfect.  It needs an alignment after
>>>hitting a pothole in March.  The only "major" trouble is one of the
>>>hoses to the heater core keeps blowing off.  I'm sure anyone with more
>>>knowledge than myself could figure out how to make it stay on.  I've
>>>always used Mobil One synthetic oil.  The car uses a bit of oil, around
>>>a quart every other month.  Mileage is at 196,799 and the odometer
>>>stopped working in September of 06.  I'd estimate there are an
>>>additional 1,200 to 1,500 miles on the car since that stopped working.
>>>Routine maintenance has been performed.  The timing belt and the works
>>>was replaced a few years ago.  The CV joints were replaced, the shifter
>>>cable, etc.  The car did have the "guts" removed from the cat on the
>>>left side so it's a little loud and would not pass emissions testing.
>>>The car runs perfectly.  Idles smooth, shifts smooth (it's an
>>>automatic), and you can hit 90 before you even realize you're moving on
>>>the highway.
>>>Last month I was considering trading it in on a Jeep to use for PA
>>>winters and the dealership offered me $1,200 on a trade-in, but I
>>>decided against getting another vehicle.  Since I won't be trading in
>>>the Audi, I want to sell it outright and was wondering what a fair price
>>>would be.  If anyone could let me know, I'd appreciate it.
>>>BTW, I'm located in SW Pennsylvania and I can send photos of the car if
>>>Take care,
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